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Aircraft Sheet Metal Tool Kits

  Full Van's RV Aircraft Tool Kit (not all items shown/includes some optional items)

  18-Piece Basic Riveting Kit

  71-Piece Student Sheet Metal Kit


Aircraft Mechanic Tool Kits

  64-Piece Klein Tools Essentials Mechanic's Tool Kit

  Van's RV 100-Piece A&P Mechanic's Tool Kit

  116-Piece Klein Tools Basic Mechanic's Tool Kit

  143-Piece Klein Aircraft Mechanic's Tool Kit

  201-Piece Klein Professional A&P Mechanic's Tool Kit


Air Tools

  90 Degree 1/4-28 Threaded Angle Drill

  D5500 2700 RPM Palm Drill

  Sioux 3600 RPM Palm Drill

  Sioux 270 Rivet Gun

  OY "Stubby" 4-inch long Rivet Gun

  2X Rivet Gun

  3X Rivet Gun

  4X Rivet Gun

  5X Rivet Gun

  7X Rivet Gun

  9X Rivet Gun

  3000 PSI C-Yoke Compression Riveter - Squeezer

  3000 PSI A-Yoke Compression Riveter - Squeezer

  Tandem 6000 PSI C-Yoke Compression Riveter - Squeezer

  Tandem A-Yoke Compression Riveter - Squeezer


Hand Tools

  Rivedrill Blind Rivet Converter Attachment for battery drills

  Wrench Type Rivnut Tool

  6000 Type Rivnut Tool

  Hand Type Rivnut Puller Kit

  37-Degree Rol-Aire Aircraft Tube Flaring Tool

  Safety Wire Twist Pliers - Klein Tools


Sheet Metal Tools

  Aviation Tin Snips - Klein Tools

  Edge Seamer - Klein Tools

  Nibbler - Klein Tools

  Unibit - Klein Tools


Mechanic's Hand Tools

  Duck Bill Pliers - Klein Tools

  Combination Wrenches - Klein Tools

  Ratcheting Box Wrenches - Klein Tools


Air Tool Accessories

  Brass Air Flow Valve


Bucking Bars

  Heel-Toe Bar 670

  634 1-Pound

  605 1-1/2 Pound

  722 1-Pound

  636 1-Pound




Our RV tool kits are based on years of experience in selling to RV builder's.  Items regularly purchased are reviewed and added to our RV tool kit.  Our RV tool kits have the best quality (Snap-On, Klein, Zephyr, TATCO, Sioux, 3M, ExperimentalAero and others).  Our tool kit is the lowest price.  We have been in business since the mid-1970's as an FAA/PMA approved aircraft parts and assembly manufacturer for Cessna and Piper airplanes.  We have been in the aircraft tool business since 2001.  We have made leaps in popularity with RV builder's as they discover that we offer the BEST QUALITY AND PRICE.  Our #1 priority is to serve you and by doing this we will continue to outpace our competition to be THE PREFERRED SUPPLIER by all aircraft tool customers.  Thank you for your business! See the PlaneTools blog at this link for discussions on specific aircraft tools.

Vans Aircraft recommendations for RV aircraft varies slightly in sheet metal tools from various aircraft tool supply houses.  We will be glad to adjust the kit to meet the homebuilt aircraft tools you require.  Contact us by email for a specific quote on aircraft sheet metal tools for your project.

We will provide you with the adjustment instructions when you need them such as how to set up the squeezer or how to adjust the TATCO rivet squeezer.

You may add aircraft tool selections then remove or delete them from your aircraft tools in the cart.

The order will NOT be placed unless you do the later checkout steps.

This way you may print the order to study before actually placing the order. Our aircraft tools are from the same or better quality manufacturers and are at a lower price than any other supplier. We build airplane parts under our FAA approved Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) and we know airplanes and tools better than anyone else. If you have a question about tools needed or processes for using tools email us.

We ship world-wide.

Isham Inc.