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Special RV aircraft Topics

          3/32 Clecos do not hold in dimpled parts (deburring issue)

         Use a dimpling block to "pre-set" rivets for a nicer fit.

         Yoke Base Thickness Measurement

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             Experimental Aircraft Instrument Panel Builder

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FAA -- Certification & Operation of Amateur Built Aircraft

FAA -- Flight Test Handbook

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Mega Converter -- Convert just about anything in properties, energy, mass, volume, etc.

Rules & Laws -- Every Scientific Formula provides aircraft sheet metal tools and other aircraft tools for all types of metal airplane construction. Our sheet metal tools and aircraft tools may be used for building parts and assemblies from scratch, for doing repair of existing aluminum airplanes or for performing STC modifications on certified general aviation and commercial aviation airplanes.  We strive to have links for aircraft tools that will help you know which sheet metal tools you will need.  We also want  the builder or repair facility review and understand the technical details, specifications and formula information that will aid in the development, building and assembly of aircraft parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies using the proper sheet metal tools.  If you know of a link that would be useful to others in the industry for aircraft tools please email it to us so we may add it to our Builder's Help link page.

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