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Isham Inc.

PO Box 193

Valley Center, Kansas 67147


Telephone: 316-755-O713

Fax: 316-755-O713

Email: PlaneTools-at-cox-dot-net (Note, you will need to type in the at symbol rather than "at" and a real dot rather than "dot".

Isham Inc. is a major supplier of aircraft tools to the aerospace industry.  Our products are for MRO, OEM, Airline and general aviation industry customers.  We provide aircraft tools individually or in kit form.  Isham Inc. is a distributor of high-quality tools by Snap-On, Klein, ExperimentalAero and many other manufacturers.  Contact us for all of your aircraft tools.  Isham Inc. is also a distributor of industrial weight scales for weighing of inventory, parts, composite material mixing, epoxy paint mixing, baggage scales for airline terminals and many other weight scales.  If you have a need to weigh just about anything in aerospace contact us for accurate digital scales.  We provide complete tool kits for Van's RV airplanes and Thatcher CX4 builders.



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