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We support the RV community and (see our ad on VansAirForce homepage) a great resource for RV builders.

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We are an RV builder - N220LS "In 2 Tools" NEWS

As of August, 2012 our Van's Aircraft tool kits are seeing a market up trend after a slowed economy.  There are many new RV Airplane builders starting all models of the Van's RV.

In July of 2011 we obtained a Stanley Tool distributorship.  Adding the Stanley brand to our aircraft tool inventory provides airplane builders with a lower price, high-quality, lifetime guaranteed line of mechanic's hand tools.  The Stanley tools are perfect for the aircraft builder to complete the hardware and system installations on your RV airplane.  Visit our online aircraft tool catalog for a special package of mechanics hand tools designed for the RV aircraft builder.

Oshkosh 2011 is here.  We are offering specials on aircraft tools during the Oshkosh show.  Our Van's RV aircraft tool kit includes everything you will need to build the structure of your aircraft.  Visit our aircraft tool catalog for special show pricing.

Our Sun-N-Fun special is our NEW RV-12 tool kit based upon our own building experience.  The kit is much improved over the basic Van's Aircraft tool list and will give you the tools that you REALLY need to do your RV-12 project. 

We have recently added Imperial Tubing tool products to our product line.  In addition, Klein Tools stopped carrying Safety Wire Pliers.  We located the manufacturer of the Klein Tools Safety Wire Pliers and now have all four designs in stock.  We carry reversible 6" and 9" and right hand twist 6" and 9".  These are the highest quality safety wire twist pliers available and our prices are the lowest in the industry.

035-85 NIGP code added for tools, airplane.  The NIGP 035-85 code is used by procurement agencies to locate and identify airplane tools.  A specific 035-85-xx code may be added for each grouping or up to an 11 digit code for individual airplane tools.

We have added our EAA AirVenture 2009 sale special.  This is an opportunity to take advantage of a deep discount on our RV Tool Kit before and during 2009 EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.  This is a limited time and limited quantity sale so take advantage early to guarantee your special price on this Van's RV tool kit.  For EAA AirVenture 2009 we have added 3 new tool kit options at a deep discount price.  The starter kit provides the builder with the basics to start building the RV airplane.  The starter kit includes the pneumatic squeezer and DRDT-2 dimpler.  The starter kit is designed to keep the cost down and add tools later.  Our basic kit contains the basic items needed to build the RV airplane.  Other tools may be added as the builder progresses with the RV airplane build.  The basic kit includes the pneumatic squeezer and DRDT-2 dimpler.  The RV Full tool kit includes the most popular tools purchased by RV builders.  Options are available to personalize the RV tool kit.  This kit also includes the pneumatic squeezer and the DRDT-2 dimpler.  Our EAA AirVenture sale is a great time to start your RV project with the highest quality, professional aircraft tools and tool kit. 7/26/2009.

We carry a full line of tubular rivet tools.  Our pneumatic squeezer will press tubular rivets using special tubular rivet sets.  We will custom make pneumatic squeezer yokes to work with your specific tubular rivet setter needs.  Tubular rivet installation is easy using our tubular rivet setter.  If you require a tubular rivet setting tool or press for tubular rivet installation email us for more information on our tubular riveting tools.

Sun-N-Fun sale of RV Tool Kits and RV-12 Tool Kit in April 2009.

The tool line for the Thatcher CX4 was added to the Isham Inc. aircraft tool lineup.  The Thatcher CX4 is one of the hottest growing experimental aircraft considered by new builders.  The CX4 airplane was designed by Dave Thatcher and featured in the March 2009 edition of EAA's Sport Aviation Magazine.  The Thatcher CX4 is an all-metal, single-seat airplane that meets the definition of the FAA's LSA.  The CX4 uses a VW engine.  The total airplane cost is less than the cost of a new, cheap car!  Isham Inc. is proud to help Thatcher CX4 builder's out with tools to build high-quality, professional parts for their CX4 project.  If you are starting a Thatcher CX4 airplane look to Isham Inc. for your CX4 project tools.

The Isham Inc. RV-12 aircraft tool kit has been revamped.  The RV-12 basic tool kit includes the tools necessary to build the sheet metal airframe.  Tools that are needed later in the process of building the RV-12 are offered as options so the builder can defer the initial cost of the tool kit until these are needed.  One RV-12 tool kit option includes a mechanics tool kit that provides the hand tools needed to assemble and maintain the airplane.  The other main option is for tubing tools.  Several items are identified as RV-12 tool kit options for items that are not required per the Van's Aircraft tool list.  Only a small number of non-aircraft type tools will need to be purchased locally in addition to the RV-12 tool kit.

EAA AirVenture 2008 Oshkosh was successful with many RV builders purchasing our RV tool kit.  This is the highest quality RV tool kit available and includes the DRDT-2 dimple machine and pneumatic squeezer for a great adventure in airplane building. 

Isham Inc. added the RV-12 airplane tool kit to the product line.  This kit provides the RV-12 builder with the proper tools to build the best high quality performance RV12 airplane possible.  All of Van's recommended tools are included.  If the builder wants to use solid rivets the solid rivet tools can be customized for the RV-12 builders tool kit.

Visit for a new project to connect aircraft owners with STC performance and improvement modifications to their airplanes.

Isham Inc. offers a Boeing mechanic tool kit and Boeing sheet metal tool kit for the Boeing 727, 737, 747, 757, 767 and 777 airplanes.  Boeing flight line maintenance mechanics are very pleased with our high quality hand tools.  The Boeing tool kits are in use by mechanics as major airlines and airfreight maintenance facilities around the globe.  Customized Boeing tool kits are available upon request.  Specify the Boeing model 727, 737, 747, 757, 767 or 777 airplane, or multiple versions of these models.  If you have a tool kit list of a mechanic tool kit for your Boeing airplane you may email the list to us for a specific quote for the tool kit for that airplane.

In May of 2007 Isham Inc. was named the exclusive distributor for TracerMarker.  TracerMarker is a new patented method for locating and marking hole patterns in sheet metal parts.  This new tool eliminates the need for expensive tools and shop aids, reduces the time required for mechanics to duplicate and drill holes, and reduces errors on high cost replacement parts.  The TracerMarker replaces traditional hole finders and other marking methods when space is critical and when traditional hole finders will not work.  It is the best hole locator, hole finder and hole duplicator available for aircraft structure. We are seeking aerospace distributors for the TracerMarker product line.

We have launched our new shopping site.  We are excited because the new site makes it easier to find the RV tool kit and other aircraft tools we offer.  The new aircraft tool store has many search and catalog features to make shopping easy for our customers.  We would appreciate your feedback on anything we can do to improve our site to make it easier and more convenient. 

Isham Inc. participated in the new 2007 issue of 27-Years of the RVator and in the RV Yellow Pages.  27-Years of the RVator will be a must have issue for RV aircraft builders.  The publication provides builder assistance and service articles from past issues of Van's Aircraft.  The issue includes special aircraft tools needed for the RV and great additions to your RV tool kit.  The RVator is organized in the sequence of construction, test, flying, and maintenance of RV airplanes.  The RV Yellow Pages feature products and services that are important to RV builders and pilots.  These publications are fully supported and approved by Van's Aircraft.

We support and encourage RV builders to utilize which is a great resource for any phase of an RV aircraft project.  You will find our ad on the main page of vansairforce and a link directly to this site.  Isham Inc. encourages our tool kit customers to comment on the RV tool kit and customer service we provide so that other builders will be able to evaluate all of their tool kit options.  If you are preparing to purchase an RV tool kit to build an RV aircraft we encourage you to use the forum to ask for comments from builders that are using our tool kit. 

We expect Sun 'N Fun to be a great success this year for Van's RV aircraft sales.  Our RV Tool Kit was revamped in conjunction with EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2006.  The new aircraft tools included the DRDT-2 and pneumatic rivet squeezer as standard items.  Over 100 RV aircraft builders purchased the new tool kit following Oshkosh 2006.  The aircraft tools in our RV tool kit are top of the line industrial quality and provide the builder with the best tool kit at the lowest price available. 

In late 2006 Isham Inc. partnered with a major export carrier to provide economical shipping of aircraft tools and tool kits around the globe.  As a result, international customers are benefiting from reduced shipping cost and faster delivery of their aircraft tools.

Aircraft Tools by

Welcome to our site with aircraft tools for all aviation projects to help you build your dreams, expand your passion for homebuilt aircraft and share a most rewarding experience with friends and family. 

We have been in the aviation business since the mid-1970's.  Our history of manufacturing aircraft sheet metal parts and assemblies along with engine STC's provides first hand experience with all tools.  No other homebuilt tool kit provider can claim this experience.

Isham Inc. continues to grow partnerships with major industrial partners in order to provide the highest quality aircraft tools for our customers.  Distributorship's with Klein Tools, Snap-On Industrial, and many other industrial tool suppliers make up our line of aircraft tools.  Isham Inc. also designs, manufactures and distributes their own design of specialty tools for general aviation, experimental homebuilt and the commercial airline industry.  Our RV tool kit includes Avery rivet set dots to protect aluminum from marring.  Each part of our RV Tool Kit has Avery product labels easy identification.  The Isham RV Tool Kit has Avery self-stick labels for identification of OEM boxed aircraft tools.  Commercial customers include major world airline MRO facilities and branches of government.  Isham Inc. is developing a distributor  and dealer network for aircraft tools around the globe.  Additionally, we distribute unique products to our industrial supplier partners.

The Isham Inc. RV Tool Kit is around the globe.  Our aircraft tools are used in the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Portugal, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Netherlands, South America, Sweden and many other countries.  If you need a complete sheet metal tool kit for your RV aircraft please contact us before you decide to purchase any tools.  We will save you a lot of money on the highest quality, complete tool kit delivered to your door.  Alternately, we can include your tools in the shipment of your RV aircraft kit from Van's.  (This does not apply if you order the empennage only kit from Van's due to packaging requirements.)

The company carries a full line of pneumatic compression rivet squeezers including C-squeezers and A-squeezers.  Models include the 30C15, 60C15, 90C15, 30A15, 30A22, 30A30, 60A15, C60B, C90B, C120B, C180B, 1500 Stand, 444CFH, 444CSH, 444AFH-A32, 444AFH-A52, 444AFH-A72, 444AFH-A92, 444ASH, 444ASH-A32, 444ASH-A52, 444ASH-A72, and 444ASH-A92 models.  The 30C compression rivet squeezer is a 3,000 psi C-yoke model, the 60C is a 6,000 psi squeezer, and the 90C is a 9,000 psi C-yoke model.  The 30A is a 3,000 psi alligator squeezer with a 1-1/2" yoke.  The 60A has 6,000 psi with a 1-1/2" alligator yoke and the 90A has 9,000 psi with the 1/1/2" A-yoke.  The C60B is a bench model C-type yoke with 6,000 psi, C90B has 9,000 psi, C120B is 12,000 psi and the largest C180B has 18,000 psi and are also mountable on a compression riveter stand number 1500.  The 444CFH is a fixed head C-yoke tha produces 12,000 psi and the 444CSH is the same pneumatic squeezer with a swivel head.  The 444AFH-A32 compression riveter is an alligator head with a 3-1/4" jaw that has 9,800 psi.  The 444AFH-A52 compression riveter is an alligator head with a 5-1/4" jaw that has 6,800 psi.  The 444AFH-A72 compression riveter is an alligator head with a 7-1/4" jaw that has 6,00 psi.  The 444AFH-A92 compression riveter is an alligator head with a 9-1/8" jaw that has 6,000 psi.

Isham Inc. is the very best aircraft tool kit supplier for sheet metal, general aviation, RV airplanes and commercial aircraft tools.  Our tools are for building new aircraft, completing aircraft sheet metal modifications, and for airplane maintenance. 

We include the Experimental Aero DRDT-2 dimpler in our product line.  This machine makes perfect dimples and is very quiet, unlike the mallet type. The DRDT-2 will be a great addition to your shop.

Our most popular aerospace tools include our rivet guns, rivedrill attachment, drill bits, right angle drill head, deburring tools, compression riveter, nibbler, countersinks, tube bending, pop rivets, tin snips, and clecos

We also carry specialized aerospace tools for sheet metal fabrication, repair and maintenance for aircraft mechanics. A full list of our product categories include:


RV Tool Kit

Sheet Metal Kits

Mechanic/Tech Kits

RV A&P Kit

Air Tools

Bucking Bars



Deburr Tools

DRDT-2 Dimpler

Drill Bits/ Stops/Reamers

Gauges/Measuring/ Inspection

Hand Tools

Klein Tools

Rivet Sets

Sheet Metal Tools


Aviation A&P Student tool kits

Weighing Scales

Cessna XP 210 horsepower

Piper Aircraft STC's

Klein Tools are big in aviation.  They sponsor air shows with an Extra 300L, 2 place low-wing composite aircraft hand built in Germany and certified in the United States.  We use many Klein Tools in our Vanís Aircraft RV homebuilt aircraft tool kits.  Klein Tools are the finest quality you will find for your aerospace tool needs.  When you purchase a Klein tool from us we believe that you will agree.  If not, simply send it back for a refund. 

Isham Inc. is a Klein Tools distributor.  Not only do we sell Klein Tools but we use them in our own STC modification kit manufacturing.  We have found that Klein Tools outperform other hand tools for all sheet metal repair, fabrication and assembly operations.  This is why we are sold on Klein Tools.  Two simple examples are their Safety Wire Pliers and Hand Seamer.  Klein Tools Safety Wire Pliers are the BEST in the industry.  They are easy to clamp on the wire, glide smoothly when twisting and are available in reverse twist which is especially useful on propeller work.  The Klein Tools Hand Seamer is very smooth with rounded edges that will not mark or break a bend in the sheet aluminum.  This Hand Seamer is marked in increments that makes it very easy to get the same edge distance on each bend.  Visit Klein Tools for a full list of their products.  Whether you are a professional aircraft mechanic or you are building your own airplane you cannot go wrong with Klein Tools in your tool box.

We are the #1 Supplier for Quality, Price, and Delivery.  If you are looking for a aviation sheet metal tool kit or tools for maintenance of your airplane you should buy from us.  You will be very happy with our products and customer service.   Achieve the high-quality parts and assemblies that will make the airplane of your dreams a reality.  You deserve no less for the time and money you invest in your airplane.


We don't just sell tools. We use aircraft tooling everyday in our Cessna and Piper FAA/PMA approved STC sheet metal fabrication manufacturing operations to build and assemble the parts in our STC kits.  We know first hand which tools do the best job to fabricate and assemble airplane parts. We also provide you with the knowledge to use the tools.  For example, we include instructions that explain how to adjust the TATCO hand rivet squeezer and the compression rivet squeezer for professional quality results.

Let us know if you need help determining the right tools for your project.  We will do what we can to help. 

We have the best warranty. The tools we manufacture have a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  Our tools will keep you at the top of the list for workmanship and high productivity. 

Note -- All prices & shipping are Continental USA only. Contact by email if outside the Continental USA. 

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See the aircraft tools web log at this link.

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